Some stats from the site

Well… ya know… server maintenance.. overdue…

So what do I do? Surf the net. And close to home I found this. a list of all the countries from which people have visited this site. And I like to share it with you. Country names are in Dutch, but luckilly there are flags too 🙂

2015-07-27 22_02_56-Statistieken ‹ Evernight's Legends —


IMPORTANT! Transfer news.

First of all, I SO hope this won’t effect Evernight, but the schedule of the world closing and transfers is announced on today.

Two important dates:

  1. August 3rd
    Announcement of the worlds that wil be closed.
  2. Januari 1st
    The actual closing of the worlds.

After the worlds are closed, it won’t be possible to play there, but transfer to a new world will remain available indefinitely.

When a kinleader transfers to another world, the kinname, house, and history will follow him. Any kinmembers that follow, will automatically be placed in the kin in the new world.

Again, I really really really really and a 1,000 more really’s, hope that we can stay in our beloved Evernight, but might we have to move, I will announce everything about how and when on the site.

And if we have to, we have to think about what world we will migrate to.

The whole article on (Long, but important)

will be continued…