Tutorial: Making money

A post I made on my blogsite, but I think kinnies might wanna read this too 🙂

Raebidus' Roving Thoughts

This is not really a tutorial, but more like a ‘how to’.

How to make money, gold!

First of all, there is no shortcut to wealth. You have to work for it, and also be lucky. And… don’t expect to have 100 gold at level 15.

There are many ways to get gold, this is my way.


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Our Queen Niu left for other server

Niu left

About a year and a half ago I saw a lady standing on the fence at Bree South Gate. We often waved, said hello. And one day I decided to talk to her. From that moment we never stopped talking. Both in different kins then, we finally ended up being King and Queen of the Evernight’s Legends.

AND, Niu, Julie, Jules, became my best friend ingame.

We were both very different players, she loved the Moors, I hate the Moors. She knew everything about how armour works, all about stats, traits, I know very little about such things. But we liked each other a lot.

After Eardborn founded the Legends, Rae was still in the Exiles of Eriador, but he left the minute Niu left her kin to join the Legends. The rest is history.

I wanna thank Niurin for the great times we had, the great conversations, but most of all for being a great friend. Which she will remain!

Jules, good luck on Laurelin, I will miss you.

A lot!


We belong to the lucky ones.

I have to admit I have been scared since the first server closure news some months ago. So happy we are here to stay. Writing to you from my little tablet from bed. Recovering from gall bladder surgery. But this news will make me recover soon 😊

We have been mentioned in an article on LOTRO Players, as one of the active kins of Evernight (which makes me very proud btw), so you might get questions or recruiting requests. I am sure you as members, officers, and Queen will handle them the Legend way.

Again, I am very happy we belong to the survivors. On the list of names of closing world’s I saw some I was pretty sure about they would stay open. I hope all players will find new homes. And for some of them maybe Evernight’s Legends will be their home.

And about me. Recovery goes better than expected, and I think I will be back in game before the end of the week.