Because I could not find a proper way to build a forum on this site, Linnie asked me (well she actually kinda told me hahaha) to re-activate the old site. So I did that.

I have deleted some of the forums, most were never used, and cleaned up the remaining ones a bit. The ones remaining are:

  • Family Talk, and
  • Who is who?

Family talk is for everything you want to post. Who is who? is to introduce yourself.

The Forums, and the Gallery also as of today, are only accessible for registered members.


Free Sample of the Week

In the new store, using the coupon code for the Free Sample of the Week has become very simple. In the old store you first had to search for the item, buy it, use the code… well, we all know.

Now you just have to click on Redeem Code in the store.


After doing that, enter the coupon code and press Apply.

That’s it!

New gallery

One of the most used features of the old site was the gallery. I tried to make one on this site too, but whatever I try, it won’t be as userfriendly as the old one.

I decided to open the old one here. When you click on ‘Gallery‘ in the top menu, you will be linked to the gallery on the old guildlaunch page.

Everybody can take a look, but for posting you need to be registred. When you register, use the Launch Code ‘Leg2015‘.

Remember that the forums aren’t used anymore. You can post there (when you are registered), but whether somebody reads it…

For use
When you click on the picture you will just open the picture. When you click on the name of the picture you see (and can post) comments.