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Need I say more? Okay, I will…

Evernight’s Legends are a mature / adult social rank 10 kin with a friendly family feel. With members who enjoy the game, and don’t think it’s a a run to level cap. We are not here just to play a game, we are Middle-earth inhabitants.

We don’t do kinruns or social events. Our main social event is the kinchat. Sometimes it’s busy, other times silent. But when you like to talk, do!

That doesn’t mean we don’t do anything for each other. We are more like a group of friends, that socialize together. A kin of solo-players. But of course we help each other with quests (and more) sometimes.

We have a kinhouse (1 High Road, Southolt, Bree-land Homesteads), where you are always welcome. You can also bring friends from other kins (or kinless), our house is open to everyone. In the kinchest you can find items other Legends have put there. Feel free to take what you want, as long as you don’t steal everything 🙂 And when you have items you think other Legends might need, put them in.

There are also crafting stations for all professions and a supplier on the premises.

We use kinchat for talk about the kin, and the game, but also for social chats. It is not just for high levels and old members, we encourage everybody to chat with us. When you are not such a talker, it’s nice to say ‘hello‘ when you come, and ‘bye‘ when you go. But when you like to chat all the time, we won’t stop you. As long as you don’t annoy other members.

Teamspeak, and progs like that
We don’t use voice in the kinchat. If you decide to use it with a friend, that’s okay. But there is no official Legends channel.

The reason is, that I noticed, that kins that use Teamespeak often get devided. There will be a group that uses voice, and a group that uses text. And if anything is bad for a group, it’s getting devided.

Fellowships/Skirms/Instances/Raids/Big Battles/Warbands/Roving Threats
We don’t do these as a kin. Some of us love to do them, but most are more into the landscape quests. Of course you can ask if someone will join you if you want to do a raid or something, but don’t expect many kinnies to respond. It’s just not the thing of most of us.

In the founders opinion leveling is the result of playing the game, not the goal of the game. Therefore we don’t do powerleveling. Helping with an occasional quest, or killing a really annoying boss is okay. But not having a high level player questing in fellowship with a low level, for the sole reason of leveling quick.

What we do want is an active kin. Active as in members online. We understand some of us have a social life, and we don’t expect you to be online every day. But when you are inactive for a long time please let us know. When you haven’t been online for 100 days without any notice, you will be expelled from the Legends.

Watch your not-so-active alts.

This site

Because kinmail is the main information source for the kin, this site is for static info about the kin. On the blog page you can find screenshots of the kinmails. And sometimes links to posts on my own blog.

We have nothing to hide, so you don’t have to register to read the site. You can also comment without an account, whether you are a Legend or not. Only the Officers page is password protected (okay, we do have something to hide).

The Gallery and Forums are members only sections.

Just recruited, then what happens?

When you are a recruited into the Legends, you will be a recruit for two weeks. After that we will decide whether you will be promoted or not. If not we will have to part. In those two weeks we can see whether you and the Evernight’s Legends match.

Not in the kin but interested?

When after visiting our website you are interested in joining, or want more information, you can mail us here, or ingame to Raebidus or Linnie.

And of course, you can find us in Evernight.

Our rules.

  • Be polite to each other.
    Jokes are okay, argues too, but when arguing becomes swearing and calling each other names you cross the border.
    Don’t talk about politics and religion when people are offended by it.
    Fighting with kinmembers will result in immediate expell.
    This does also apply to your interactions with other kins.
  • Don’t sell stuff in kinchat. Give things for free is okay. More than okay!
  • Any member that becomes inactive without notice for more than 100 days will be expelled from the Legends.
    Watch your mules and not-so-active alts!
Breaking a rule can get you expelled from the kin.

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