The history of the Evernight’s Legends

It started a few years ago, when Raebidus joined the at that time big and famous kinship MASTERS OF DESTINY. He met two people there that would turn out to be very important in his life. Peeza and Linnie.


He got very close friends with both. After a while MOD split up due to leadership problems. Peeza started, together with another MOD-member, the Keepers of the Secret Flame. She asked Rae to join, but he was thinking about his own kin. He talked a lot with Linnie about starting a kin together. The only thing that they never agreed on was the name. And I think the only reason they didn’t start a kinship together was the name issue. Rae, as wel as Linnie, joined Keepers…. and he left because it was a full raiding kin, joined another, and another, until he joined Wind of the West.

Good kin, he didn’t feel in his place, but he met Adelrian there. He left the Windies, but always stayed in contact with Adelrian. And when he heard she started her own kin, he wanted to join as soon as he told the leader of his kin at the time, the Exiles of Beleriand, that he would leave. Then he joined the Exiles of Eriador.

(In the pic is Eard, I don’t have a pic with Rae and Adel)

That kin, once huge and widespread, was a few days old then, and Rae was offered an officers spot. He turned that offer down. But Adel did call him her lowkey-officer because he was helping her with the kin. Not with recruiting, but with lots and lots of ideas. And that way he learned some of the ins and outs of how a kin works. One day a young Loremaster named Delrania joined the Exiles. Rae became her mentor and they talked for hours. During one of those talks, Rae thought of something new. What made him think about it, I can’t remember, but his mind started spinning. The idea was to start another kind of kin, one you can join even being in a kin.

He mailed the plans to Delra, but she never replied. She disappeared, only to get back after many, many months (the Legends were already founded then). His plan was a web-based kinship. Anyone could join. Ingame you could use the surname Legend, and chat in a userchat channel. But with the disappearing of Delrania Rae’s plans went into the freezer. Not for long, because I really thought I ‘had something’. And I started building the website. The name was ‘Legends of Evernight‘. I also started recruiting, but the idea of a kin without a kin, called a family, was too weird I guess.

Rae always wanted to recruit Linnie into the Exiles. She was still in the Keepers, but she didn’t feel home there. After a while she came over. I also told her about the Legends. She liked the idea, and she became the first ever member. She still is, Lievelin. She took the surname Legend too. About that time Aquamerry, also from the Exiles, joined too. In those days she was married to Raebidus, so in a way she was a double Legend. Only her surname was Legend by marriage.

The relation broke up, and around that time Rae met Lady Niurin, who became one of his dearest friends. They had many conversations on the fence at Bree South, You could often find Niu or one of her alts there. They talked about how to run a kin. The Legends of Evernight were kinda dead, Linnie got pregnant (in real life :)), so wasn’t online much, and when Aqua left the Legends, Rae was the only real member. It was at that time that Rae didn’t feel that good in the Exiles anymore, and the thoughts of starting his own kin started to surface again.

Being level cap, Rae decided to max his woodworking skills. He needed a forester to gather wood for him. And so Eardborn was born. For the sole purpose of assisting Rae. Eard didn’t quest, only sometimes when he needed to be a higher level to get into areas where the wood was he needed. I always referred to him as Rae’s ‘forester-slave’. The high level wood Rae got from Aelanora (Aquamerry’s main), so Eard wasn’t realy needed anymore. But with the forester came a tailor, and he kinda liked making armour. And he started doing that, amongst others for Lady Koekjesdeeg (alt of Niurin). I felt Eard had to move on in life, not stay a slave.

Rae took on the officers job. The Exiles had become a big kin, about 800 members then, and needed some more structure. But he found out it’s hard to change a kin that big. Some changes were made, but he had more plans. He talked about them with Lady SparkleCake, another Exile. They found out their ideas on how to run a kin were very similar. Their friendship grew.

Then it was time to finally do what I wanted for years. I felt the time was right. Start my own kin. I did’t want to leave the Exiles , so I took a storage alt out (whose name will remain a mystery), to see if the name Legends of Evernight was taken or not. It was… 😦

No problem, I came up with ‘Evernight’s Legends‘. A legend was born!

A few days later Eardborn left the Exiles, Mystery Alt disbanded the Legends, and Eard refounded it.

He started to recruit, some alts of friends, some new… And in a week the Legends had about ten members. It just didn’t really work, it didn’t feel good, something missed. All those first week members have left now. But then SparkleCake said she would take her alt Ariashore out of the Exiles and join. She did, and she became the first Queen.

Niurin had an alt that wasn’t supposed to level, just a social alt, but when she heard I founded my own kin, she wanted that alt to join. That was Moirane, and she became our First Officer. And she brought her friend Askfrida with her, who became officer.

And then it all went fast. We started recruiting, and in no time we had a full page of members.

A few months later Niurin and Grimhere (main of Askfrida) left their kin to join the Legends. Niurin, as told Moiranes main, followed up Moira as First Officer, and Moira disappeared. Grim became officer instead of Frida.

During that time Ariashore was very busy. SparkleCake was officer in the Exiles, and in real life the proud mum of a lovely babygirl. Being Queen here was just too much. She resigned from her function and became First Officer. Which ment we had no successor, no Queen. But that wasn’t really a problem, since we had Lady Niurin in our midst. She was honored to do the job. And as King, I was proud to have her beside me as Queen.

In time SparkleCake found little success in Exiles of Eriador, if anything just more problems. After committing to Exiles and only finding frustration and failure, she decided to quit and join the Legends.

And thus the family changed from a kin of alts, into one of mains.

Eardborn, being King, was much more important than Raebidus. As a result of that, Rae was left behind a bit. But Rae has been my main since I started, and I missed him. And then the following happened. Eard was ambushed by Corsairs in Gondor, and severely injured. Left for dead by the Corsairs, he was found and brought to the house of his good friend Amelleth to recover. There he decided he would resign as King, and just be kinmember. Raebidus became the new King. Eardborn now is a skilled guilded tailor, but only for good friends.

After that many things happened, lotta people left, others came, Niu left, Sparkle became Queen, Sparkle left, Niu came back, Grim left, Linnie became Queen… (in somewhat random order)

But the Legends are still going strong!

(Current roles in the Legends)


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