Leaders and roles

Roles in Evernight’s Legends

  • King and Queen are the leaders of the kin, they both have the same rights.
  • The First Officer is their deputy. He or she has all the rights the King and Queen have (except expelling), when they are not online.
  • The Officers are the contacts for the members. For questions about the kin, when there are problems etc., and they can recruit new members.
  • Recruiting Officers are sole recruiters.
  • Members are the kinnies, the heart and soul of the kin.
  • Recruits are new members, that are in the kin less than two weeks. They can’t use the kinhouse options yet, but can enter.
King: Raebidus
Queen: Linnie
First Officer: None at the moment
Lynndor (alt Linnie)
(alt Ianwain)
Recruiting Officer:
None at the moment