InstrumentsWelcome to the Legend’s Music page.Instruments

Here you can find links to sites with .abc-files, info about the LotRO music system, and other things that have to do with music ingame.

How to play music?

I advise you to install the plugin Songbook. It is the easiest way to play. The link links to a user tutorial.

Play music without Songbook

To manually play music you slot your instrument from your bag and type /music. To play the song you want, you then type /play ‘filename’ (Without the’ ‘). If you don’t want to go through all the fuzz with plugins, it’s an easy way, you only have to know all the filenames.

Play in a band

Nothing wrong with playing solo. But if you want to play with friends, it is good to know you can also play a song with more people. If you want to do that, using Songbook makes that a lot easier. But I think when you are at the point you want to play in a band, you already use Songbook.

How to play songs with more people, you can read here.

Your music library

A great place to start with your .abc’s is Many songs on there to download.
Note: When you click on the file and get a text file, try clicking the link with your right mousebutton and save the link to your computer. If that doesn’t work either, copy the text, and paste that into a .txt file. After that change the extension .txt to .abc.

Another site with a lot of files is ABC-File-List. Download the files by rightclicking, and then ‘Save link as…‘.

And there are many others. Google ‘abc files’ will give you many hits.

Can’t find the song you want?

If you can’t find the song you want, you can make it yourself from a MIDI-file. Or find somebody that wants to do it for you (below more about that). The program you need to make .abc-files is Maestro. A tutorial for the basics of Maestro you can find on Raebidus’ Roving thoughts.

Looking for somebody to make an .abc for you? Found! I would love to do it for you. If I can find the correct MIDI-file (and I usually do, unless the song is too obscure, and even then btw) I can make you an .abc. Via the contact-form of this site you can ask me, or of course ingame tell or mail.

My collection of songs is also downloadable, and I will just put your song on that list too. Click here for my collection.


Two sites I like a lot are:

Sometimes you have to pay for a MIDI. Up to you whether you do that or Google some more. I also advise you to download a few MIDI-files from the song you want, some just ain’t good.

And more?

Yes, there will be more. But for now this is it. I will update this page every once in a while. And if you have any questions, or input, or whatever, just let me know.


Links to ABC-files

Links to MIDI-files


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