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All about your first mount

Raebidus' Roving Thoughts

I often get the question, ‘How do I get a mount?‘. Today I read an article on LOTRO Players about it. Only one thing I don’t understand, I (as VIP) could get the riding skill at level 20, not at 8. Anyway, great article for soon-to-be mountowners:

You got yourself a nice little hobbit or dwarf. But their feet grow tired quite fast. Then you spot those things with four legs with players on them. You already had one like those, but it dissappeared after 24 hours. And now you’re dammed to walk to mordor on your own two feet. For surely a horse is too expensive and in /world you get all kinds of advice about f2p, premium and vip horses. But you just dont walk to walk anymore. You’re even more confused now and just give up. But wait.

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There are a…

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