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LotroMaps (Large)Click image to enlarge – Click here to download the high resolution map (10,4MB)

When we travel, we need maps. In LotRO there are many. I combined them all to one big map.

They are ordered in the way you travel, when maps are against each other it means you can travel from one to the other. Kinda speaks for itselves.

Because it is high resolution (26960×14675 px), it won’t load on the site, so I made it into a download.

Travel safe!

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U18 Tuesday April 12th

Message on LotRO forum:

Community Manager

We had originally scheduled Update 18 to go live on this upcoming Monday April 11th. After finding a few things we wanted to tweak as the team was doing the final QA pass, we are delaying the update by one day. Update 18 will be going live on Tuesday April 12th. We feel the is was the best course of action and allows us to put out a better update. Thanks for your understanding, and we will see you all in-game.

Andy “Frelorn” Cataldo – Senior Community Manager